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Geburt einer Frau (2018)

Birth of a woman (2018)



With my work "Birth of a Woman" I am telling a story. It`s the story of my personal development that I was able to capture through the art of photography.


I`m  combining self-portraits with special filtered nature shots while using nature as a metaphor for what might happen underneath the surface.


It's about a sensitive processes, fragile developments and tender worlds that every human being knows and is going through in their unique way. 

The photographs are visual phrases for subjects and moments that are essential to me and not necessarily tangible. Dealing with contrasts, struggles, borders, old things, new ways, movements and senses.


I´m telling the story of courage and fear, strength and madness , pride and finding  womanhood - 

The story of going one's very own way full of  struggle, however with trust in this world today, while listening to oneself.

Garden of Eden (2019)

My work "Garden of Eden", created in 2019 in Berlin, narrates a very slowly developing contact.


It is a contact that is growing in small parts, longingly, painfully and unconditionally.


A moment. Free and unspecified, at the same time willing and defined.


And a place. protected and at the same time boundless.

A place that raises questions. And the questions, if one turns back to this place, will be answered. 

Without words.


"Garden of Eden" is one of these answers.

It becomes an experience through the new created contact.


Miastakes (2019)

A wise woman had once said to me: " Mistakes just means there was something missing".



Make mistakes,




Something was missing.


Take it to yourself,


Seeing beauty.


Take advantage of new independence,


Keep going,






Thankful to yourself,

And the failure.


And there it is you. 

And not the mistake.

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