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WholeBodyWork for WholeBodyWork

Capturing Your Uniqueness




As an independent photographer I am specialized in portraits; capturing the essence of the moment of your personality in a photographic way. I use my artistic understanding of the world to translate the in-between, the feelings, the mood, the wonderful tension in space into a picture.

Do you wish a photograph that is truly inspired by you? Which expresses your uniqueness in an aesthetically, artificial way? Different, something more than you already know?

If you choose me as your photographer I am going to work together with you. We will create this special moment, this special picture that you are asking for. 

The result will speak about who you are and what is characterizing you as an unique human being. The result will show the direction you want to go. You might use it to reach those you want to connect with. This will help you to express what is important to you.

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